Your A-Z Step By Step Guide To Mastering The Forex Market.

Speed up the time it takes to turn a profit in the forex market.

Afriforex offers a variety of Forex trading courses ranging from online video courses to exclusive One on One trainings.

Our Courses

Afriforex Ultimate Beginner Class (UBC)


Learn forex trading with Afriforex. Our FREE trading course is designed to help you get started with forex trading in hours.

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Afriforex Masterclass I

$199.00 USD  $99.00 USD

In this course we will give you a deeper understanding of price action & give you insights in trading that are hidden to most new traders.

Prerequisite: Afriforex Ultimate Beginner Class (UBC)

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Exclusive One on One Training

$ 1,498 USD  $998.00 USD

In this personalized training, you will have the opportunity to sit with us as you go through a custom training designed to fit your learning speed, growth & personality.

Prerequisite : Afriforex Masterclass I

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We offer consultation services to new & experienced traders, who have issues and would like help to resolve them. From money management to psychology issues experienced while trading.


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